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Yamaha Case Study

Yamaha Case Study Download

+345% YoY Growth on Amazon with Content Optimization and Advertising

In 2018, Yamaha re-entered the Amazon world after a short break, seeking a partner who would help them start out on top. The Yamaha Corporation is produces high-quality products ranging from motorbikes to musical instruments and consumer electronics. As they ventured into the Amazon world, we at factor-a became that partner and used our wide range of expertise, Amazon experience and know-how through a holistic approach that maximized Yamaha’s performance. factor-a provided Yamaha with every aspect of our full-service approach, from content creation and advertising to retail management, also accompanied by our strategic consulting, monitoring and reporting services.

This case will inform you:

  • How to use DSP and Search Advertising for the best possible product launch
  • How Yamaha achieved +345% YoY growth and +44% YoY ROAS in just a year with factor-a
  • How to create organic visibility in the extremely competitive consumer electronics market
  • …much more!

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We at factor-a offer a number of services to support all businesses on Amazon and you can find out more via our homepage.

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